Automatic Wood Pellet Heaters

These are heaters similar in form and function to regular diesel or gas heaters. On the lower part the re is a powerful pressure ventilator blowing air upwards. In the middle part there is a burning chamber where the burner's burning chamber is installed. On the top third of the heater is located the heat exchanger. Then, on top is where the hot air exits.

They can provide warm air to the room either from the spot they are located or through an air channeling system. They differ from regular diesel or gas heaters with the fact that a pellet burner is attached to them and that the construction has be enforces and adapted to facilitate pellet burners.. 

The available output range for heaters is from up to 30 kW to up to 1 MW.

Pellet heaters can be equipped with automatic ash removal from the burning chamber.

Pellet burner standard control box can be upgraded to enable the burner to be controlled through internet or through a smartphone app.

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